Gmail not working "cookie mismatch"

When I try to open gmail I get a message saying that they have detected an issue in the cookie settings. I have cleared all the cached and also turned of the shields. See attached screenshot. What am I not doing or doing wrong here?

try to enable all cookies in the settings, then clear the cache and log in.

Still not working…

Had you imported any data from another browser into Brave? We’ve had some issues with imported cookies in the past.

Either way, clear all you cache/site data for and (again), then open your Shields panel and set it to Shields = Up, but change the cookie setting to All cookies allowed, then try and authenticate again.

Thank you for your reply. Yes I did import data, I can’t really remember what was imported specifically but it was everything from firefox and chrome. all of my usernames and passwords I believe. If I am remembering correctly I was initially able to log on to my personal gmail, then when I tried to open my G Suite account through my personal account I started getting that message. And then was unable to open gmail in any form. I tried doing what you said with no luck. attached a screen shot.

Can you/would you mind trying to clear all your browsing history? I know this issue has been resolved previously by similar methods when cookies from Google were imported – its simply a matter of removing the right data in order to get it to work.

Success! I cleared everything except my passwords and it is now working with shield up and cross-site cookies being blocked. Thank you.


You’re very welcome! Apologies for the inconvenience :slight_smile: