Problem installing Brave in Windows 10 64 bits

Hi all!

Installation fails and shows this message:

Downloading last version from Brave website:
Using windows 10 64 bits version, I’m based in Argentina and also used an external VPN with same results.

I tried installing it as admin and normal with the same results, tried several times and always the same problem surges at the end of the installation.

I hope you can help me,

thanks in advance.


Try downloading from this link the English version You should be downloading an exe file 1.19 Mb then you follow the installation. Unfortunately there is no offline file for brave for the moment.

If not working try to change language to english in settings, region.
For me I use english although it is not my native english and it works

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@CerealLover Is that an official brave download? Prompting to save an .exe doesn’t seem safe… was scary. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Facundocor Have you tried turning off vpn? Have you tried downloading the appropriate file again? Maybe it was corrupted?

You can use the links in the current Release Notes category to get to the English version website, but it looks like downloading from the same place, so probably won’t help. Don’t know about anything available from GitHub.

I tried to search topics with this error message “Setup was unable to unzip the file. Reload” but could not find anything. Is this an accurate translation?

This is a Help Center topic that may provide insight.

How do I fix file download errors?


Thank you so much! I downloaded it and changed language to English and it was fixed. Answering from Brave now, thanks a lot!!!

Thanks for your answer, it’s now working with the first link and language solution!! :grinning:

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