Cannot get into GETTR through Brave

Having issues getting into GETTR through Brave. Is there a setting I need to change? I can get in via Firefox

@abbraxt it is necessary to receive a lot more information in order to help you. At this point you mention not getting into GETTR. But you don’t explain what you’re seeing or in which way you can’t get into GETTR.

Also helpful would be:

  • Which OS? (Windows 11, Android 13, iOS 17.0.3, etc)

  • Which version of Brave? (Exact number, not just “the latest.”

  • Does anything change if you disable Shields?

  • Can you access if you try in private window?

  • Kind of hinted at it in the first paragraph, but are you getting any particular error messages? If not, can you explain or share a screenshot of what happens?

GETTR not loading for me in Brave as of today Nov 2 2023 … just a blank page … GETTR loading fine in FireFox.

@shopdaddy it’s important you share information, such as I asked in the post prior. You see, GETTR seems to be working just fine.

Thank You … GETTR is loading fine now … wasn’t loading for 1 day (Nov 2) so I have to assume Brave made a change or GETTR did. Thank You for reply and sorry my community posting skills need work. Much appreciated and hope to use the community posting more now since the Brave Browser is awesome. While GETTR wasn’t loading yesterday I tried Edge and liked it for about 3 minutes when ads starting jumping all over my screen from every angle :slight_smile:

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