Oops! Your browser cannot receive Brave Private Ads

I’m seeing this message:

Oops! Your browser cannot receive Brave Private Ads. Your browser needs to be updated to continue seeing ads.

I updated the browser, but I keep seeing this ad. How do I fix?

Update it again? lol.

I mean, it would help if you also answered the questions that was in the template you deleted before posting. Things like which version of Brave you’re using? What OS and OS Version?

@0xbeatlejuice Hard part is I don’t know which OS you’re using. So can’t even answer on things like checking for updates or getting update. And not knowing which version of Brave you’re using, not even certain if it’s the most recent version either.

I will say when I answered with “update again? lol” I was being funny. Purpose of that was to show how I was questioning if it is indeed updated or if you have to get it caught up to most recent version.

If on Desktop, usually update by just going SettingsAbout and it auto updates as you check. If you’re on Mobile, you have to go to Play Store/App Store and check for update there.

Or you can just go to SettingsAbout to see which version you’re using and then go to brave.com/latest to see what the newest version of the browser is. (kind of, though looks like they haven’t updated iOS section on that site lately)

Desktop = 1.47.171
Android = 1.47.175
iOS =1.46.2

Nevermind got it working. Had to relaunch from settings page. Go to Brave > About Brave > Relaunch.

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