(2020-11-17) Brave on Windows 10 Desktop will not Load up Now

I had no problems with using Brave for over a year till today. For no particular reason it will not load up at all when I try opening it through the short cut on my desktop or through windows explorer or when I right click and select to open.

Has a botched update occurred for the Browser? This is ridiculous now. I simply cannot use Brave. How do I fix this? I also have had issues for almost a year now where I am not getting paid for ads and Brave Support has done nothing at all to give any reasonable support. You guys need to give much better support for fixing these problems. I never have issues like this with regular browsers.

How do you fix this problem of not being able to load the browser when I have been able to load it no problem for a very long time?

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Can you please try to talk to destop support!

Where is that? dfasdfsddddd

At the top right conner of your account right next to profile picture,just place your mouse pointer over the middle button,it will display the message saying"go to another topic list or category."

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