Cannot edit stored web page passwords, "Edit" is missing from the "3" dot menu

I am running Brave Desktop on Linux Mint for over a year. I went to change a stored password for a particular web page.

I click the Show symbol (the “EYE”) and as usual it showed me the password and the 3 dot menu. When I opened the menu, Edit is missing. I only have 2 options, Details & Delete.

I checked other passwords ALL are missing Edit from the 3 dot menu

Unless it’s a Linux-specific issue, I couldn’t reproduce on my end on Windows 7.

Check whether the issue persists in a fresh user profile, follow the instructions below.

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Can you share a screenshot of where you see these options? I’m curious because none of those options are on the Passwords page – when you click the 3-dots button, you should see Copy password, Edit password, Remove:

Additionally, did you have to enter your system password when going to view specific password information?

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Thank you so much for answering, here is the screenshot you suggested I attach

Again I apologize for not answering your question completely.

As for Brave requiring my system password to see stored passwords , …No…, I only have to do that on Windows-7 & Windows-10

I’m thinking, this could be a Linux issue only, As I do not remember having to Edit any stored Logins nor passwords till yesterday.

I have been using Linux Mint for the last 14 months, I installed the 64 Bit Linux version of Brave, once I had Linux fully installed and was able to download. I honestly don’t remember having a need , till yesterday

BTW, I noticed the menue choices are actually “Worded Differently” in Windows & Linux.

Windows has “Copy Password” “Edit Password” where as my screenshot show us “Details” & “Remove”

When I click “Details” a window opens and it provides The URL, Login Name and Password ("…") with again the “EYE” to view the actual password. The window and information in it is “Dead” that is I cannot edit those 3 datum in any way

Can you please verify the exact version of Linux you’re using for me?

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