Brave does not save password

I had to replace my HD because the old crashed, after the new install, I noticed that Brave does not save password, the problem is when the Brave is up, I can see that the password is listed, but when shut down, the password is gone, tried several times and still the same, is this a bug? This is my environment:
OS: MX Linux 19.3
Brave desktop 1.18.78
It seems a bug, since Windows users are reporting the same issue.

Use Bitwarden extension, it also has its own website, most secure password manager and saves them in the cloud…

Thanks for your suggestion, I’m already using KeePassX as my password manager, what I need is the browser can bring up the saved id/password when needed. Will Bitwarden do this? By reading its description, it’s just a password manager, it does not fill out automatically a page requesting id/password.

It does auto fill…and ive used other password managers but I do like Bitwarden…also you can save multiple logins per site and it looks like this in the extension you can view edit etc right in the dropdown as well…just a suggestion. To each his own.

First, can you please update your browser to the latest release – v1.19.86 at the time of writing this – and then try saving passwords again? On my end I am able to save my passwords without issue on both Linux and Windows OS.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll take a look.

OK, updated. It seems to solve the problem, since I made 2 changes, updated OS and Brave, not sure which one solved the problem.

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Glad to know it’s working! Thanks again for reaching out.