Cannot deny youtube cookies

Brave 1.60.114 Windows 10

I cannot deny cookies on

I am 100% sure I did not add youtube to this list, and even if I had, I cannot delete it.

2023-11-11 00_08_58-Settings - Cookies and other site data - Brave

Note the missing ‘settings’ icon the other sites have. Any site I add gets that icon with the ‘remove’ option. Youtube is somehow missing it. Clicking the trashcan icon does nothing.

Clearing cookies won’t clear them on Youtube. I have Brave set to clear cookies on exit, and it clears them all… except for Youtube (and the three sites I have intentionally listed).

I think I’ve had enough of your browser.

@kotitonttu the setting your sharing is what happens to people when they disable Shields for a website. When you disable Shields, you are allowing all cookies, ads, and other information. In order to remove it from that, then you need to go back to YouTube and enable Shields.

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