Verification process isn't completing



My website: isn’t being completed with the verification process after multiple attempts, while waiting multiple days in between.

I do get the green check in the verified list of publishers but the process bars never complete and I don’t receive the email to complete the process.

I have tried both methods (DNS and verification file).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

(I have both methods currently active still.)


I’m having the same issue. Tried verifying multiple times. It always says I’ll get notified within 24 hours but I never get an email and when I log into my dashboard it says I still need to complete the verification process.


Hello @wowrep and @Anakha

Could you both check to see that access to your .wellknown is not restricted? If you’re still having issues please private message me the emails associated with your accounts.



Hey @LaurenWags , How do we check that?


Hi @LaurenWags

It shouldn’t be restricted, you can view the file here:


Same problem here.
@LaurenWags, I sent you a DM on Friday.
Any news?


Hi @Anakha - You actually only need to verify that if you used that method. If you verified via DNS then we look for the tokens there and not the wellknown directory. Did you use wellknown or DNS?

Also, is your site a wordpress site? Could you let me know that and private message me your email address?



Thanks @wowrep

Is your site a wordpress site? Could you let me know that and your email address? You can private message me your email.



Just responded to you @sitew :slight_smile:



@LaurenWags Sending you a msg


My website is squarespace built. I verified it and process was complete, but then I deleted it to add a YouTube account to see what it would look like, and then decided to turn back to the website (since at that time we could only have one or the other). Now I cant reverify my website, the verification process never ends. I dont get the email like the first time.

What should I doooo


Hi @LaurenWags, having the same issue as @wowrep on my Wordpress site. The verification process will not complete on the publishers portal but shows as verified within the Brave browser. I’ve tried the Brave plugin and also the Well-Known URI plugin to fix this.

Note: I have not tried DNS, only the plugin method at this point. My .well-known directory is available if I go directly to the URL.

Can you help? Thanks!


Hi @Valmedia

Responses were provided in other posts: Verification problem and Cannot Complete Verification for Website



Hi @murphy

Could you private message me your email address and site URL? I will provide to the team for troubleshooting.



Just sent you a PM with the info!

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