Candy crush problem

candy crush is not working in brave browser. moziila run candy crush smoothely

@rajat500, I had not tried to play games on facebook since I use brave, but if flash is the problem you could try this:

if that not sole the problem maybe it’s the brave shield what it’s causing the problem

Okay, submitted a fix (in the next 24-48hrs)

Thanks for the heads up.

new problem now appear i dont know wy so many bug in brave broweser

Brave Settings/Shields/Allow facebook. needs to be enabled.

Also note my comment (in the next 24-48hrs) The fix is still being rolled out.

adobe flash had downloaded as per instruction given earlier. ok i will wait for fix. but i can not able to see facebook permission in shield. pls attach a screen shot.


Should fix it, give it 48hrs for the update to land, also the site is also checking Fingerprinting in Sheilds (which may need to be set on "Allow all Fingerprinting")

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