Flashplayer doesn't work since Brave changed platform


I am about to go back to google chrome I do not prefer. You have change the platform and now flash player not working with some facebook games.


Hi @Suzlle

When you go to a site that requires flash, look in the URL bar for a puzzle piece that looks like this:

Click on it and click ‘Run Flash this time’

Refresh your page and then you should see ‘Click ton enable Adobe Flash Player’ on the area where Flash is needed:

You’ll get a notification that looks like this one below, just click Allow and you’re back in business:



Hi. Lauren. Sometimes I wonder if google is messing with my Brave Browser. Couple fb games taking to long to load. When I go to google browser works faster. I heard the flash player may end in 2020. Hope’s it replaced with something better. I use a laptop only when I am the web. I may try to delete google browser and see if Brave will work better.


@Suzlle, did you try the solution @LaurenWags suggested in her previous reply?


Yes, I know how to run the flashplayer but it doesn’t work with couple games that take too long to long. I have to use google to play them. Hopefully may work itself out again.

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    December 14

@Suzlle, did you try the solution @LaurenWags suggested in her previous reply?


Can you tell me which games you’re trying to play so I can test them on my end?


Bingo Blitz is the only one not loading now. The bar won’t load . theres a icon showing loading I never saw on this one before upper right on the game. Just keeps trying to load.

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