Can we please have black theme for bookmark bar and top extension top bar and menu bar?

while i set dark theme on brave …i usually get this google dark grey color which is just meh…

i want brave to be fully super black similar like the one in settings page…

i want hex code #000000 to be applied everywhere

you could have three themes white, dark, super black.!


want black on all of these places.

Just as a reminder, Chrome Themes work in Brave too :slightly_smiling_face:

Check out

it will change the new tab which i dont want to… plus more extensions = more ram…

why dont you add it inbuilt ?

ok this theme fulfilled my request

but it would be great if we can also change 3bar code menu bar (3rd image on 1st post) to be in black color) and settings page…

Anyways good, thanks!

Themes are pretty light weight; shouldn’t impact RAM in any meaningful way.

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