Option to Disable Auto-Update, but described respectfully

A previous poster described your lack of user control over auto-update as a dystopian nightmare. They were obviously joking, but the thread was closed and ignored and that user asked to repeat their request respectfully.

With all due respect, I would like to see this feature too.

My use case is unique to a situation right now: Chrome has broken a development tool I want to use, and a coworker discovered that Brave works for this. But he just told me that Brave auto-updated on him and now the tool is broken there as well.

I want to be able to disable this feature so that my tools don’t break.

Software that connects to the internet anytime it pleases because its design philosophy is that I don’t know when I want to update it, is not quite my cup of tea.

Appreciate your work giving the user more control than other browsers do. I hope you carry that design philosophy forward into the ability to turn off auto-updates.


  • Luke G

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Nice suggestion
Hope they look into it