Option to Disable Auto-Update, but described respectfully

A previous poster described your lack of user control over auto-update as a dystopian nightmare. They were obviously joking, but the thread was closed and ignored and that user asked to repeat their request respectfully.

With all due respect, I would like to see this feature too.

My use case is unique to a situation right now: Chrome has broken a development tool I want to use, and a coworker discovered that Brave works for this. But he just told me that Brave auto-updated on him and now the tool is broken there as well.

I want to be able to disable this feature so that my tools don’t break.

Software that connects to the internet anytime it pleases because its design philosophy is that I don’t know when I want to update it, is not quite my cup of tea.

Appreciate your work giving the user more control than other browsers do. I hope you carry that design philosophy forward into the ability to turn off auto-updates.


  • Luke G


Nice suggestion
Hope they look into it

I totally subscribe to this. Actually, I only joined this community to ask for the EXACT SAME THING:

  • option to disable auto-updates;
  • option to use OLDER versions without time-bombing them! I, as a user, should assume responsibility for using an older browser, even with security bugs.

The first time Brave was released, it was a priceless jewel of a software. Almost perfect!! Then they switched to Chrome and at the same time they borrowed all the nasty habits from the well known evil corporations: micro$oft, facebook, google…

A browser (or any other kind of software) that connects and downloads STUFF (be it “updates” or “security patches”) without MY KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION, are no better than trojans or other spyware programs!

PS. I am uninstalling Brave from all my PCs for the said reasons. I may install it sporadically only if I have no other option but I will make sure to uninstall it asap again. All this until I get notice that disabling automatic updates and any other form of privacy intrusion is a thing in Brave.