Question about whitelisting a website

I want to disable shields and adblocking on a website because they’re good people and I want them to generate revenue. However, I don’t want to see the ads, lol.

If I right click and choose “Brave>Block element” and remove it will they still get credit for having served the ad to me?

I was wondering because it still technically got to my browser but it’s just hiding.

Is this a dumb question? If so I’m sorry.

I’m going to start off to say I’m not 100% sure, as I’m not that technical. However, blocking element actually creates a custom filter. It basically works in much the same way as just adblocking does. Hiding is the same as blocking, you’re refusing to let it load/show. However, since I’m no expert, take that with a grain of sale.

Now, what I can say with 100% certainty is that what you’re describing is exactly the purpose of Brave Rewards. We opt into Rewards so we can earn. Then we are supposed to use those earnings to help support the Creators we do like, by tipping them. So if you do want them to generate revenue and think they are good people, I’d encourage them to become Creators and then send tips their way! (assuming you and they are in supported regions, lol)

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Oh yeah that makes sense. Where can I send them to check it out?

To sign up as a Creator, you can go to

Also specific details if they need more info would be:

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Thanks so much. I sent them the info. I certainly hope they take a serious look at it.

One thing though (and this is probably a separate topic) but I’ve never had the Tip button icon show up anywhere. I accumulate BAT and have never had the opportunity to tip anyone.

Will they need to have that tip icon button if I want to tip them? Or are there other ways to send it to them?

These are all dumb questions, I’m sure. But thank you for the help.

They should have the tip button available when you go to tip. Keep in mind that the way things work now, you have to be on the same chain. So like if you have Gemini and I’m on a Creator using Uphold, then you wouldn’t be able to tip me.

In the past, if you were using Rewards and had not verified, you could tip anyone regardless. However, after some of the issues of fraud in recent times, Brave just adjusted that. Now you can only tip if both of you are on the same exchange, meaing both on Uphold or both on Gemini, and that your region is supported.

The support part can be big. Like Rewards is not supported for India, Mexico, etc at this time, but those countries can create Uphold accounts.

All of that said, they are changing how Rewards and Creators work next year. Creators will be able to link to more than just one custodial partner. So they’ll have access to Gemini BAT, Uphold BAT, Solana BAT, etc.

As to Rewards, it will be part of Brave Wallet, though you’ll still have to verify through custodial partners like Uphold and Gemini. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to have more than one or be restricted to only one custodial partner for tipping. (I’m assuming only one).

That change likely won’t come until close to May or the Summer though.

Btw, I’m not sure where you’ve looked for the Tip icon. Most in cases, it’s on the Rewards logo, which is the little triangle on your search bar.

New Tab - Brave 11_27_2022 13_38_33

Seeing the little checkmark on the triangle means it’s a Verified Creator. You should see that if you visit a place like my Twitter, over at

The next place would be if you click on that icon, which is how you tip. Doing so would pull up a menu like you see below:

Photos 11_27_2022 13_39_45

When you hit Send Tip it would then give you options to show whatever the person has typed out for it, ability to select amount you want to tip, etc. There’s also an option where you can choose to have it be a recurring tip that occurs monthly.

If the person is on a different exchange than you, then it will give a notice to you. I forget the exact message, if it’s like you see below or if it would end up saying specifically about the exchange or if it would be the “not configured to receive tips at this time.”

Regardless though, I just did a random person to show how the message changes. So this person supposedly is not signed up for Rewards at all.

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Yeah, no tip icon on your profile or tweets:

@Sluggo What OS are you using Brave on? Do you have Rewards enabled?

Also, I was telling you to look at the address bar. That said, if looking at Tweet, would also be like:

At least on Desktop.

On Android, I forget what the status is. I haven’t tipped from it for ages, but I know at one point they hadn’t finished to where people could tip from Android to places like Reddit or Twitter, but you could on regular websites, such as, where you’ll notice a checkmark on the URL bar over the triangle icon, like I mentioned.

Actually, @chriscat and @Serg any idea when this is getting implemented on Android? Should be running by now to be able to tip on Reddit and Twitter, I would think. Or is it just somehow not possible at all? Sorry, I know I asked before about it but been a while and I misplaced my notes.

Also, Serg, any idea why Twitter still loads on even though I have Desktop Site enabled and typed in That’s kind of BS…

It’s on windows 11. But yep I’ve got it enabled and I’ve been accumulating BAT. But the tip button doesn’t appear anywhere like git hub or Twitter.

Then it should be showing. Which version of Brave are you using? You making sure to keep it updated?

Only other reason I can think it might not be visible to you is if you’ve disabled it at some point. If you go into brave://rewards/ and then to Tips

Captures 11_27_2022 15_24_11

Hit the little menu thing on the top right and it will show you settings, where you can enable/disable tipping on places like Reddit, Twitter, and Github.

New Tab - Brave 11_27_2022 15_22_57

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Brave version 1.45.133 and the tip menu is enabled and those three websites are checked. It’s always been like this for me and I don’t know why. I submitted a post here a while back about it but no one answered.

But let’s say I wanted to tip you, is there another page or form that can be used to send it to you?

@Sluggo No, not to my knowledge. I know I only set up my Reddit and Twitter so people had a way to tip if they wanted. I had a handful of people request I do so. And if you’re asking about tipping in general, there’s no way except if they set up and shared a crypto wallet, at which point you can always send crypto directly to them (though you’ll have to pay gas fees).

I mean, there’s always other options people can do, but we’re then outside of Brave entirely. For example, I had set up a long time ago for people to send me money. That was just when I was doing Uber and sometimes would set up side jobs, picking people up without them having to worry about Uber fees and me getting better pay than I would if through Uber, lol. So I mean, things like that exist if people just feel like sending me cash. But it’s not something endorsed through Brave.

Those changes I talked about coming next year, they are doing something where peer to peer (p2p) tipping will be more manageable. I don’t know the specifics yet, just know it’s coming. Like I said though, it’s something they are working on here starting around January and the hope is it will be finished early 2nd quarter, which would be like around May.

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Oh well. Hopefully I figure it out at some point. I really would like to tip folks every now and then.

I had this issue on my old computer as well. I just bought a brand new system 3 weeks ago and it persists. It was a fresh install of Windows and Brave, no settings were ported over from the previous browser so all signs are pointing to something I’m doing wrong.

But again, thanks for your time.

Just in closing, I’m able to send you a tip by clicking the button in the address bar while viewing your Twitter profile. I’m sure that’s what you tried telling me but it didn’t register, lol.

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