Detect Brave Browser - Important for Publishers

As a publisher and consultant for other publishers, one significant hurdle for adoption from the publisher perspective is to be able to serve the right content based on whether a user is visiting with Brave or another browser.

I understand the privacy concerns. There do seem to be workarounds that have some level of accuracy.

From the publisher perspective, I don’t care what browser the visitor is using, with a couple exceptions that I feel have nothing to do with tracking or privacy:

  1. aggregate data
  • Very useful for analyzing whether QA resources should be dedicated to combinations of user’s technology.
  • Incredibly important to monitor for bugs that may cause issues with a conversion. Ex: if Firefox users are converting at 0% while other browsers are converting at normal rates, there may be an issue that needs fixing.
  1. Maximizing revenue while maintaining a good user experience
  • By not allowing detection of the browser via user agent, we are inhibited in accurate detection. For example, this means that we may show a large “try Brave” banner to all Brave users, which in turn is not relevant to the user and takes up valuable screen real estate.

If Brave wishes to increase publisher adoption, addressing challenges like this is important. Perhaps you could possibly provide some publisher tools to address these issues if you don’t want to allow for detection by user agent.

Most publishers don’t track or want to track users, it’s the ad networks that do. We just want to be compensated for our efforts and have some control over optimizing that compensation for relevancy.

Thanks for listening.

@anotherguy there’s an issue logged to have Brave’s own UA Here

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