Where to see a list of Brave publishers?

I have my site published but I do not know where to find others and if other can find my site.

Hi @Lion_Chakra,

As of now there is no “list” of verified publishers. However, as users being able to see that you’re verified; any user who visits your site will be able to see it in their Payments settings. They can tell that you’re a verified publisher by noting the green check mark next to the site name. I’ve attached a gif showing how to navigate to the Payments tab and see the “verified” symbol:

Hope this helps!


Here is a list of verified publishers (websites only, not including YouTube and Twitch):


Thanks @Mattches

Will there be plans to see the content of the Brave communities’ pages? Maybe grouping the types of sites by categories… I would assume it would be difficult otherwise to find out how to support original content from Brave members.

Or can you use the BAT to advertise your site to the community yet?

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So I suppose there is a list. And such a conveniently timed response! :slight_smile:

I’d like to note to anyone reading this thread that the list above is “unofficial” and batgrowth.com are not part of/affiliated with Brave Software.


@Mattches thanks for that, I thought the site was convienent too.

For my other question, can we use BAT to advertise currently? I have a fairly young site and I am sure the likelihood of someone just going to my site is low.

@Lion_Chakra, forgive me but I’m not entirely sure what it is you’re asking. Could you give a little more detail, specifically about using “BAT to advertise”?

Using BAT like dollars similar to Google adwords to run ads…I could be making up a feature that does not exist. I thought I remember reading this being an ability of the platform somewhere.

Using BAT like dollars similar to Google adwords to run ads…I could be making up a feature that does not exist. I thought I remember reading this being an ability of the platform somewhere. @Lion_Chakra

This is precisely what you’ll be able to do with BAT tokens (i.e., purchase user attention and advertising space). However, that part of the platform has not yet been released, so stay tuned!

Right now, we are currently running ad trials testing for the ad platform with our Brave Early Access group applicants, so the ad platform is definitely underway!



Hey @chriscat,

Thanks for your response!

Are there any more slots available to test this?

I would be interested to do so. :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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There is also a list of youtube/twitch publishers on the main page of batgrowth.com since 1h!

I’ve just updated the site in production :grin:

BTW, the links are broken for youtube/twitch right now


It looks like we’re full right now, but I would keep your eyes peeled for more calls. Watch Alex since he’s leading user research on this front ;).

That said, if you’re in San Francisco, we opened up the following in-person user research opportunity too:



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Thanks for this @2da . I’d love to get everyone’s take on recognizing and supporting key media brands (publishers/creators) that are verified for Brave Payments i.e. Washington Post, The Guardian, VICE NEWS on YouTube.

If these publishers find success with Brave Payments/BAT, marketing can publish case studies and testimonials which will accelerate adoption from other credible news sources.

At the same time, I also think the free movement of BAT payments is important.

Feedback encouraged.


In my opinion, with the right business development, you can move towards better adoption.

Maybe targeting millennial and Gen Z blogs/news sites you will have individuals that are willing to setup wallets and will normally spend enough time on electronic devices getting advertised to. And I second the idea of @hartforc you need to give enough BAT to the advertiser to run the tests with real people.

Normally you’d see smaller publishers share details about this sort of stuff, but Brave is really a black magic box that either pays or don’t pays out a random amount of money at the end of the month.

Publishers don’t really have any data about Brave users. They get a payment at the end of the month with no other details than the sum. Brave also pretends to be Chrome so publishers can’t even count the number of Brave users on their sites, calculate the average earning per Brave user, or run effective marketing campaigns to non-Brave users.

The whole situation with publishers is a bit weird. Brave doesn’t even share or promote a list of top verified publishers. You have to rely on a third-party website to find verified publishers. You would think that Brave would benefit from showcasing and promoting its top publishers, but the thinking over at Brave Software seem to be different.

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You have some really good points. Just because my site EvianRising.com is verified for earning BAT; doesn’t mean anyone will come to the site.

My assumption when I signed up is that the publisher can test how effective being registered would be for my current traffic, receive some BAT and data from the consumers of my content.

Hopefully all of your points will be addressed as the browser gains maturity.

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