Can’t scroll in forum

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No scrolling in posts in forum

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.look at
2.try to navigate

You should be able to scroll as on any other browser (updated today)

**Brave Version latest available updated 27/5
iPhone SE 3rd gen

This doesn’t happen with safari

Seems fine here? can you test clearing the cookies/cache in ios settings?

Have also issued a fix for the cookie message (update in the next 48hrs or so)

No joy. My iPad is the same. I haven’t accessed this forum in years but works fine on safari

I assume you meant under safari?

Why would you assume anything under Safari when we’re talking about Brave? No, he’s not talking about Safari.

Btw, no issues on Brave either. Here’s me using from my iPhone:

Sorry not sure how to clear the brave cache…

From within Brave, go to Hamurger Menu (the three little dots) → SettingsBrave Shields & Privacy → then scroll down a bit. You’ll see a small section that has CLEAR PRIVATE DATA followed by a bunch of toggles. Things like Browsing History, Cache, etc. Turn on the toggles for the things you’d like to clear, then hit Clear Data Now

In the above screenshot, it would clear Cache, Playlist Offline Data, and Playlist Media & Offline Data. It would not erase cookies, browsing history, etc. For your issue, it might be beneficial to clear both Cache and Cookies and Site Data. Just be advised if you clear Cookies and Site Data that you’ll be logged out of websites and will have to login again.

Still no joy. iPhone and iPad identical. I get to the site and I can scroll down briefly then it jumps back up to the top of the site again

I’m going to try reinstalling it

@Fergus what’s difficult is trying to figure out why one person would have issues while others don’t. On desktop, it usually is because of extensions. On phones, it’s usually because of cookies, cache, or Shields settings. So a lot of times it’s just having to test things and go through steps to rule things out.

Now reinstalled but I get this

Ok, so that is just from it being silly. Basically it’s asking web browser or the Tapatalk App. If you want it to stay in Brave, you choose Safari. It will still remain in Brave, it just doesn’t know how to tell the difference.

Give it 48hrs. and it should be fixed. Ensure Mobile Notifications list is enabled also.

Ok deleted and reinstalled now works! But I get this now…

Looks like delete and reinstall fixed the issue. I’ve raised a separate question about itvx not allowing me to view content - another problem

Thanks for your help!!

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