Not able to scroll on Reddit

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Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

2.Open a reddit discussion away from the main page.
3.Reddit will open a blur slash screen on top of the discussion page with buttons, one to open the page in the Reddit app. The second button to continue in the browser.
4. Brave browser is removing this blur splash screen which prevents the page from turning on the ability to scroll the page.

Expected result:
Keep ability to close the blur splash top so that scrolling is enabled.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.40 (

Mobile Device details
Iphone 15.5iOS

Additional Information:

Umm, not sure I fully understand. I just tested with my iPhone and this is the result:

So from what I can tell, I there’s zero issues there. If you watch it and see any problem, let me know. This was on my iPhone 13 Pro Max using 15.5

If it can’t be reproduced by others, may need to see if you can check settings. So things like advising what your Shield settings are at, if you might need to clear site data for Reddit (such as if it’s a cookie issue), or what?

See for more details.

Some conditions appear that you may need to be logged in.

It may only happen when opening a link in a new tab and switching to it.

You’ll see the warning for NSWF content with the option to view in the app. If you don’t click it fast enough, the option goes away and then you can’t scroll on the page.

I can consistently replicate this behavior
iPhone 13, iOS 15.5, BraveVersion 1.40 (

I see the same symptoms. I can’t see the NSFW banner, including the blur, with Brave Shields up. When I disable them I can see the NSFW banner and the blur.

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:
No background blur or NSFW banner. I see the post, but am unable to scroll.

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