Can't scroll in Reddit and other forums

I’m using Brave 1.46.144 on arm64 (macos 13.1) and have noticed that on some forums, that I cannot scroll up, nor down with the mouse+cursor keys, for example on reddit and also on this forum site itself.

I’ve not got any adblock software installed, and i’ve disabled all other extensions.

This issue has not always existed, but i’ve noticed it over the past weeks/months.

It’s such a problem, that I may need to stop using Brave altogether, until this has been resolved.

Does the same happen in a private window ?

No, in a private window I can scroll within the forums.

Could you try in a new profile ?

In the new profile, I can scroll as per normal.

I don’t know a lot about profiles, presumably that stores my cookies and bookmarks. How do I migrate from the old to the new profile.

Thank you.

You could start a sync chain on the old one, copy the sync phrase there ->Go to Sync in new profile → Add new device → have a sync code → Paste in new profile.

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