Can somebody help me fix one of my brave "profiles"

I’ve posted this before but no one responded :<
I hope somebody could help me resolve this problem :pray:

The problem is it keeps crashing on me whenever I try to open that specific profile. I don’t want to lose my opened tabs and bookmarks inside it.

I’m not using any themes or extensions.

Fixes I tried:

  1. Deleted all visible files inside the extension folders in “Default” and every profile I have (AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data)
  2. Adding these strings at the target of the shortcut
    →(–enable-logging=stderr --disable-features=BraveVerticalTabs)
  3. Changing “vertical_tabs_enabled” from true to false in (AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default → Preferences)

Basically, kjozwiak’s solutions from this link:

  1. Resetting the flags in brave://flags/
  2. Disabling “Brave News” at new tab page → Customize (bottom right)

But I still can’t get the profile to open. Can you help me solve this problem? I don’t want to lose that profile. Thanks!

P.S. I updated to the latest version 5 days ago (1.161.101), and yes I was using vertical tabs on that profile, but other profiles with VT enabled has no issues at all. I hope you could help me get back that profile :pray:

Your bookmarks are stored in a file called Bookmarks within your profile. People elsewhere claim you can simply create a new profile and copy your Bookmarks file into it!

To get your tabs back you could try installing Brave Beta or Nightly and copying your profile into those. Maybe even try Chrome - you might run into other issues with that one, but if you just want to see the tabs, it’s worth trying.

If you’ve synced that profile to another device you can get the tabs from brave://history/syncedTabs. For Mobile it’s “Recent tabs” in the menu.

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Awesome! I’ll check this out! Thank you so much for this! Oh, and also, do you know where can I find my browser histories? I haven’t bookmarked some of the tabs that are open, I was hoping I could recover them :<

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