Brave Crashes on Startup, Nothing Works

same issue have been using firefox again since i updated my mac to ventura

THIS WORKED FOR ME TOO!!! THANKYOU!!! will i have to recreate everything from scratch and/or do this every time though? wow thank you so much though

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Try launching Brave normally (via dock icon) and you should see a profile selector appear. Pick your normal/default profile you were using before creating the test profile and tell me if the browser launches normally. If it does, you should now be able to to use the browser normally on your original profile without any issue.

that doesn’t work, the only thing that’s worked is opening it from terminal in a new profile altogether.

Are you saying you’ve patched something in the last 12 hours?

No — I was just curious to see if your issue was exactly the same as @userb’s issue. I’m wondering if you have any extensions installed in the browser (or in your original profile, rather) at this time?

Additionally, can you please try opening the original profile, letting it crash, then open the new profile you created and go to brave://crashes and share the crash report ID with me here so we can take a closer looking?

i do, i just disabled them, will try without them, then with all of them to send you an error log as requested. side note, i notice that vertical tabs and fullscreen do not mesh for whatever reason, enabling vertical tabs and/or fullscreen in various set-ups closes the browser.

thanks for your continued help.

UPDATE 2023-08-02@14:20 UTC-4:

just realized im not sure what the crash report ID is but im assuming it is in this snippet:

Crash from Wednesday, August 2, 2023 at 2:18:37 PM

Status: Not uploaded
Local Crash Context: 8415338a-8986-47ea-81e0-e21389c584ec

What is interesting is that the profile works now until i do one of any random actions, e.g., vertical tabs, fullscreen, switch tab, others that remain to be discovered.

again, thanks so much.

hey sorry has anyone seen this? i am still having issues, even in my new profile going fullscreen or using vertical tabs (i havent used brave since my last response, as it is not really usable as it is so i dont know of any others yet) closes the browser, and i notice a huge uptick in CPU usage when i open brave. if anyone can help, i would appreciate it, please and thanks!

I have posted elsewhere on here earlier and not found any solution that makes the browser functional, even if it is able to open with a workaround.
I will add the info shortly, i just am worried if i open another tab with the same URL i might lose the progress here, so im going to just create topic and copy and paste it right away.


Brave crashes on startup in Mac - #9 by Mattches (link to the thread where i discuss it)

Ok, long story short, I just divided your information from other one since you went to deviate. Originally was going to combine them, but since other people involved, figured better keeping separate. Apologize for any confusion. Now, let me respond to your issue further in comment below.


This is not the information needed. What’s needed is your Uploaded Crash Report ID. You can see on what you shared that yours says Not Uploaded.

In order to get crash reports to send, you should have your settings enabled to Automatically send diagnostic reports. You can find this toggle at brave://settings/privacy. Other thing is if you see a Send Now button by chance, you would click on it to send and then would have to exit the browser for like 30 seconds so it could upload.

Can you advise what version of Brave you are using? I believe there’s been an update or two since you last posted, so would be good to know.