Can not tips any site

Hello, I can no longer give tips on any site… like youtube,, and any site that I could before. THX

Please delete your Rewards payment ID. I’ll suggest you, that never ever disclose the Id on a community forum unless asked by a Brave official.

Also to solve your issue.
Is your profile flagged?
Try Verifying, and see if you get an error saying rewards profile flagged.


Click on Verify

Then select any one option, Uphold /Gemini.
If your profile is flagged you will get an eroor saying profile flagged.

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Also one more way is that, if you’re not getting ads or you’re not earning BATs. I forgot to mention these, anyway the one I mentioned earlier gives clearer info if Flagged or Not.

This likely is because of the recent changes they have made to Creators.

Only will be verified if linked to a custodial partner. Though might be interesting to hear from @steeven about what Brave Community uses, because I can confirm that Brave Community is also showing as an Unverified Creator for me.


i cannot verify, bcs i am registered in a country that’s not currently supported …Romania

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