Can't create more than 5 Profiles

Brave. V 1.57.53
Seems simple, but sometimes after Rebooting it worked to create a new profile.
I have some Bitdefender extensions that I think block the pop up window that starts to configure the new profile and give it a name and design.

I think by blocking this window which also causes an error message, the new profile doesn’t get saved in the system storage or something.

Should I uninstall bit defender and the other programs that automatically install extensions or is there a setting to always allow or block those

The new profile pop up window shows for just a 10th of a second and then the error messages appear in the top right corner at the three lines as an extension error asking me if I want to add these to the browser.

It could be a whole different problem but that’s what I think causes it. But it keeps me wondering why I had been able to create the other 4 been able to


The Pop up disappears immediately

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