Can not claim reward + bat missing


As a lot of users, yesterday (06-05-20) i get issue to claim my bat
Today i still not be able to claim my reward + my wallet doesn’t have the right / same bat number

Here the 2 screens

How can i claim et fill my wallet with the right bat number ?

I use only brave desktop client
restart change nothing


Brave android usee here happened the same with me. They say they have updated the problem but still I can’t see my earnings. Instead my earnings have decreased form 16 BAT to around 6BAT. i want to know when did the rest go if not in my wallet?

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Hello all, see An update regarding verification status on mobile devices for explanation

claim option not showing today. yesterday it was there but unable to claim it was just rotating. now it’s gone. fix it, please.

i update to the lastest brave desktop version

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