May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

Where is my BAT? I didn’t send it!!! ???

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I just want to point out that for me this is NOT the first time. The same has happened for the past 2 months (March & April) and I NEVER received the BAT, does it mean that those are lost? I am using in-browser wallet.


claim button is gone with 5th may payout bat. fix it, please !!!

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You made my day! I’m extremely happy to see that feature see the daylight :sunny:

Accepted. My current version is:

version 1.7.102

So i suppose V 1.8 will have a solution.
I won’t ask for ETA cos I’m sure your devs are working hard on fixing it.

I can only add that according to the small(fun) poll I made (May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors - #289 by Marco), we (Android users) are affected the most. -

Everyone can answer here:


This failed for me. I hope I get the BAT it said I earned.

@steeven i had created a topic to explaim my issues do i need to dm you too ?

Solve this pls, i lost my 10+ BAT

I haven’t had my Android rewards for April - May I have messaged you my internals info.

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Hi @steeven sir I DM you my problem. Please take a look on that and help me to solve that issue.

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Hi @steeven i have DM’d you my reward internals . Thanks

Just to confirm, IOS is working, desktop unfortunately not.

Have DM you my internals
I lost 15BAT

Hello am I on the waiting list? Because I still haven’t received the payment

I updated Brave browser on IOS this morning but i still get error message. Also my desktop browser is still having issues.

Same here. Mine also spinning without giving any errors.

No need to DM Steven 4 Android issue.
It will be solved in next Brave app for Android update - just stay patient :heart:

My general thoughts:

Stay patient. Just imagine amount of requests they received :frowning:

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Soo i have the same problem here? i am still in queue?

Still waiting. I hope all bat on broswer can sent to uphold

Hola buen dia, saludos, esperamos que logren resolver esos problemas, ya van 2 meses en mi caso que solo he logrado cobrar una minima cantidad de BAT y el resto me queda alli en “RECOMPENSAS PENDIENTES ESTIMADAS”, por ejemplo si tengo 100 BAT por X cantidad Anuncios Recibidos, solo me pagan 10 BAT y me quedadn 90 BAT pendientes y siguen acumulandose. Y por otra parte queremos saber que ha pasado con los anunciantes para Venezuela, que no han colocado mas publicidad.

Bueno me despido, esperando que se logren resolver todos estos problemas.



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