Can I uninstall Brave (old) now that I am using Brave Core?


Hi there,

I don’t like having too many things on my laptop, also I was wondering if it was OK for me to uninstall Brave (old) now that I am using the latest version?

I am hesitating as it seems that the new version is not taking any space on my computer… (see below)

Thank you!



A little word of advice, temporarily backup any data important data such as bookmarks from the old (Muon) version storing the file locally, then you may delete the older version. Keep the the important file couple stored and I suppose after a couple of successful updates you could delete the files as well.


And if there are problems with the new version not working after that (it is displayed, no memory consumption - maybe an error), keep the Setup.exe from on your PC for the time being, in order to install the new one again after uninstalling if necessary.


Okey doke! Thanks all!


@Justine just to add to @Numpty suggestion - if you’re using Brave Payments (in old version) which became Brave Rewards (in new version) - you should take this time to back up your recovery key for your wallet as well. If you need assistance here’s a support article for that:


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