How to recover Brave rewards after a fresh install?

If I have to remove Brave to re-install.

What steps should I follow so my rewards come back to the same state after the fresh install?

As a note I tried to link my browser into the one inside a Linux VM but it said the account was “flagged” or something like that, after trying the method with the words.

Hope I am not to late. Go to your windows drive. Go to C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data

In there take the “default” folder and back it up somewhere. After reinstall put your backed up default folder back in the same place.
Rewards should work on new install. You also keep your extensions and bookmarks etc that way.

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Also make sure:
Brave is not running in the background while saving user data.
You saved your passwords and bookmarks
What about your estimated earnings, are they safe? Maybe it’s wiser to do the install after the payout, ie after July 8th.

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Thanks for the answers. Yes I guess I can wait till next week just in case. I never fully understood how this works on Brave so it’s not so easy to understand what the safe workflow is, specially when getting flagged when following their own instructions.

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