Can I move a profile to another machine?

I have brave browser in linux on a pc (verified by uphold). Now I have a new pc,

Can I copy the brave configuration folder and take it to the new machine and import the wallet?

Verification with uphold won’t work in any way?


Em, AFAIK it´s possible, i have seen threads here asking for help to move configurations and those stuff, but i really had never do so, maybe searching here you can find the correct folders and stuff to move them. But if you are trying to move those folders from linux to windows or viceversa, i don´t think that is possible since they are 2 different ecosystems. If you are trying to do this to transfer only your tokens just use your recovery phrase. But don´t unistall the browser on your old machine until you check every BAT is reflected in your new pc.

And AFAIK you will anyway need to connect your new computer as a new device adding this to the (for now) lifetime devices for uphold. Or what do you mean? Uphold verification only sync your tokens paid to uphold so you can use them in other devices, but it doesn´t transfer pending rewards to other computers, you need to do this with your seed phrase (is the recommended way).

I mean that on each device you “use an instance of four” of uphold, even if you have copied all the configuration folders (linux) on the new device
that’s my doubt

they will release sync v2 soon i think today

so it could be today if everything going fine

for the uphold thing idk

AFAIK it will recognize it as a new device anyway.

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The new sync-v2 only helps to sync:

  • Bookmarks
  • Passwords
  • Autofill Data
  • History
  • Open Tabs
  • Extensions
  • Themes
  • Settings
  • Apps

Rewards info will be added on the future, but for now is still unavailable.

i agree but the wallet key recover the estimated bats according to last section on this post Common Rewards Issues (Work in Progress)
and uphold account save the claimed one so i think using the sync with uphold would save him

hope they release the sync option today :slight_smile:

Sync-v2 is alredy available, just update brave (for desktop, android will come up in a couple of hours). As for the thread, of what i understand, he is trying to avoid the 4 lifetime devices on uphold passing his old configuration files to the new browser, i really don´t think that could work.

just checked for update thanks for that :wink:

oh looks like that i do not even know if reinstall os on same device considered new one or not

thanks again for the update notice :slight_smile:

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