Can i link many accounts of family members for earning more BAT?

issue solved thanks for community support

You can only link 4 devices to one uphold account. You can, however, make one publisher account, link it to uphold. Then tip all monthly BAT from all devices to that publisher account. You’ll have to pay a 5% deduction for tip contributions, but it makes the process a lot easier.

You can have as many installations of brave on as many devices as you want. You’ll earn bat on all of them.
Another option is to create multiple uphold account on behalf of your family members, using their id’s to link 4 brave installations each. This process is tedious. I suggest you to take the publisher account route.


This is incredibly unethical.

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That’s why I mentioned dropping unverified wallets, if not verified rewards should goto legitimate content creators only, no tipping

Not 4 device cause u can use that limit on one device making new reinstalation or changing system few times and instaling brave browser each time to pinned to uphold like me. This should be fixed cause cant do nothing with my earned bat even cant tip my publisher account profile site cause see always unverify account . Soo who is unethical brave trying to fool users making such ridiculous rules or users who trying not to rolled out. Ask yourself. Im gonna wait to next month and gonna watch if this issue will be fixed. Cause see many users have similar problems and for months no solution ii making. Cya

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I’ve created like 13 profiles and linked them to my uphold account and its successfully linked but will it be blocked at the time of payment or what? Or my account will be suspended? tell bro please

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this is why we can’t have nice things, like referrals anymore

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Who cares? This is what happens when Brave stops the referrals and makes empty promises about a new program (which we haven’t heard any information about in over four months).

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I cares, I want brave rewards to be sustainable, if you cheated don’t be surprised when your offshore account gets flagged

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@LuciferMorningstar you’ll only receive payments from 4 devices, probably the firsts that you verified(but that’s not clear)

I think the 4 wallets limit is an uphold thing

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so should i link only 4 account and should i disconnect others

People here replied as expected. There is nothing wrong in tipping yourself. No moderator has ever told me to not do it, and it is how a majority of people here in my friend circle are able to cash out. You can ask a mod or whatever. Nothing unethical about tipping yourself money, that was YOURS to begin with.

Apparently, rules on self tipping apply only on promotional grants, as it come out of brave’s user growth pool. But there aren’t any recent promotional grants, and they dont give them out anymore. Brave’s growth pool is owned by brave, so they get to decide how it is used. The money that you earn in rewards is yours, you earned it by viewing ads, and you are free to use it however you want.

I`ve seem people report their accounts being suspended and under their assumption it was caused by self tipping, so I would assume having more then 4 wallets is frowned upon

Its very probable that they tipped promotional grants.
They can appeal it, if they only tipped rewards earnings. Its software, false flags can be possible. Ive been doing it with no issues for 6 months now. Obviously tho, no one should self tip promotional grants. Those are owned by brave and should be used for usert growth. That WILL GET U BANNED. The TOS (on reddit) clearly says its not against the rules to tip rewards bat, so it’s pretty ok.

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It is not frowned upon, its impossible. Uphold has a nonsensical rule to only allow 4 devices. This isn’t a brave issue.

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