Linking Wallet to unlimited profiles

I don’t understand the limit of upto 4 profiles to wallet id for BAT rewards.
Why can’t I link all of my profiles from different PCs & mobile devices to link to same wallet?
It’s not a good idea to open multiple wallets for a single user to transfer/link browser earning from different profiles.
The reason why opening multiple wallets is painful is- Brave requires to have at least 15 BAT coins in wallet in order to get verified. Also would not let you simply transfer BAT coins from other wallets or exchanges (say Binance) that’s too expensive. So you end up depositing 15 BAT via FIAT (bank/creditcard) transfer.
So I propose -

Either allow unlimited profiles connected to single BAT wallet. or
Remove the 15 BAT coin balance limit to get verified on uphold.

By the way, may I know why we have set these limitations?
As a user my one of the main reasons to move to Brave browser was its reward system & its ability to create multiple profile so my different Google ids dont interfere with each other.

If you have a PC you do not need to wait for 15 BAT to open Uphold, that only applies for mobile. As for why the limitations, its to stop people from abusing the system more than likely and farming BAT. There should be a way to delete older devices but currently it is not possible.

The limit is there So you cant mine BAT on an industrial level. Max of 4 devices connected at the same time is fine. Just not being able to unlink old devices is what is bad. Especially when an old device is merely a fresh install of windows for example.