Getting around or Working with the 4-Device Brave/Uphold Lifetime Limit

I really wish either Brave Browser or Uphold had alerted me from the get-go about the current 4-device lifetime limit for Brave Browser/Uphold. I earn a third the minimum wage right now due to health problems, and so I have been hopping from one unreliable device to the next. I am only now finding out about the limit when researching why my Brave Rewards from last month have not transferred to Uphold; this was extremely important to bring to my attention from the very beginning, because I could have modified my behavior accordingly to avoid just this dilemma.

But since I wasn’t, how do I work my way around it?

If I were to close my current Uphold account and create a new one, would I be able to add new devices?

Alternatively, are there ways of removing prior devices with Brave from my Uphold account?

As another alternative, are there alternative methods of getting my Brave Rewards into a wallet?

Why does the 4-device limit even exist? When will it be increased?

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Pretty simple, create a publisher account, link it to uphold, and then tip all bat from multiple devices to it. There is nothing wrong in doing that, and i have read a mod on a post saying that it doesn’t lead to a ban. It is your money and u own it. You were going to withdraw it anyway. Keep in mind tho, that there is a 5% deduction to all tips, you’ll get 0.95 bat for every bat donated.

Rules on self tipping apply only to promotional grants, so you Cannot tip yourself BAT earned via promotional grants. That will lead to an account ban. Tip only rewards earnings, that is rightfully yours.

Interesting, thanks!

I should know this by now but I don’t – how do you create a publisher’s account? If there is a link to instructions for this, that will do.

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There you go mate.

Okay, thanks!

One more question, how do you verify a channel linked to your Brave Rewards Creator account?

Specifically, I have my Twitter account linked to it, but it is not verified. I don’t really understand what is involved in verifying my Twitter channel even when looking it up.

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Just wait, it takes a couple of days. always refresh the status to check if your channel is verified or not


Alrighty, it’s verified.

The following question remains: how do transfer what is in your Brave Creator Rewards balance to a(nother) crypto wallet?

Actually, I see that underneath the balance is “minimum balance for payout is 5 BAT.” I assume the option will appear once I reach or surpass that, no?

It is a monthly payout like brave rewards payout. Once you tip yourself enough bat( 6 is minimum actually, since they will deduct a 5% charge), and your pending balance crosses the 5 BAT threshold, it will be paid out to uphold, next month.

You keep saying this won’t lead to a ban but I would be cautious until that’s confirmed,maybe you should link the post confirming this

Seems unethical to me, say I create a ton of profiles and script or even manually cycle 4 tabs as a full time job how is that ethical

I would hope there’s something in place to stop that behavior

You can rest assured, something IS in place to detect that behavior. The end result for users attempting to “game the system” is usually a ban or a revocation of the account. If that isn’t enough of a deterrent, I don’t know what is.

That’s why I err on the side of caution

Many people do that, simply by following the rules. Good questions, by the way.

In doing a quick search, here’s something you might want to check out–there’s also a mention of 4 devices:

(you’ll have to click the link to see the full post with responses)

I have, in the post you first mentioned it. I linked to brave’s Reddit thread that mentioned that promotional grants are subject to self-tipping restrictions, but rewards aren’t.

Check the link out. There have been a few accidental flaggings, but it will not lead to a ban, bro. Hope it clears up the confusion. I’ve been here for quite some time now, and my method has worked fine for pretty lonh.

It hasn’t been flagged yet, and in the off-off channce it does, it isn’t against the rules and won’t eventually lead to a ban. Ive had more than 20 of my friends do it, not a single ban yet. Heck, even youtubers advertise it as an easy way to cash-out. This eventually is NOT a violation of the TOS as it never restricted any use case of Rewards. Self tipping promotional bat however, is wrong, as it is owned by BRAVE, and has to be used according to rules in the TOS. There is absolutely no rule that prevents self tipping rewards.

This was a transcript of a reply of their reddit team.

I have read the accounts of people that were banned due to tipping promotional tokens. Even they got noticed saying " although you will continue to receive bat rewards, you will not receive any bat owned by brave". Well guess what, i dont care about promo BAT, i never got any anyways. If they want to ban promos for me, i dont care.

This is the reply of bat team to a self tipper. The person who was banned was due to a glitch. The support eventually reinstated the account. Guess why? Coz it isn’t gonna violate the TOS. I hope i have solved your query.
As to the question of ethics, this is my money im transferring to myself, nothing else. I would transfer it anyways after 4-5 months needed to cross the threshold.( Some devices earn like 2 bat a month, so would need a complete year.) It’s brave fault that this rule of 25 bat has been implemented, and im not goin to wait a year to cash-out.