Can I hide the "Bookmark this tab" button on the toolbar?

Well, actually I almost don’t use the bookmark function in web browser, but this button seems cannot be hided in Brave browser. I just want to use the “refresh” and “Home” buttons in the toolbar. So, can this “Bookmark this tab” button be hided in Brave?

Thanks for reaching out. If you go to Menu --> Bookmarks --> Bookmarks manager, simply remove any bookmarks in the Other bookmarks folder. When it’s empty, it will not be displayed on the toolbar. Additionally, you can hide the bookmarks toolbar in settings, or by using the shortcut ctrl + shift + b.

Well, thank you for your reply at first. But what I really mean, is the button named “Bookmark this tab” on the toolbar between the “Home” button and address bar like that:TIM截图20191213091058

I see – apologies for the confusion.
In that case, there is no way to remove that button at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience. We do have an open issue to make the browser toolbar more customizable:

I’ve added a +1 in the thread on your behalf.

OK, thank you for your help.

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