Can I change the homepage in the updated version?



Description of the issue:
Homepage cannot be seemingly be switched to anything but Brave. If this is the case, I am no longer using Brave.

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Welcome @Sulo sorry for your troubles. Thanks for trying the template. I would encourage the use of the community search, and the Help center:
They are really helpful for finding your way around Brave. If you navigate to :
Settings–> On Startup

This may help .


Does not help.
The new tab goes to Brave’s homepage.
I did try looking for this topic elsewhere, but but saw nothing.


You will have to change home button address here


Sorry @Sulo I should have been a little clearer. Did you do this?


If you fill in the URL it should open accordingly.


@Sulo you should set both the example I gave , as well as the example posted by @sriram to set your preferences. Thanks for using Brave.


@sriram @kbounds56 I think what @Sulo want is to change the Brave’s New Tab Page. Prev. Brave (muon) able to change that to either blank page, default search engine, etc.


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