Homepage: unwanted change in new tabs/windows


I’m using Brave Version 1.41.96 Chromium : 103.0.5060.114 (Official Build) (64 bits) on Windows 10.
I set https://www.google.fr as my homepage years ago. It’s still the same according to Brave Settings.

Starting from today, when I open up Brave, https://www.google.fr is the webpage displayed. However if I open up a new Tab or Window and click on the homepage button, a pornographic website (xnxx.com) is displayed.

I ran a Bitdefender full scan 3-4 days ago, and there was no issue detected, so it must have happened today. I’m not the only person using the computer Brave is installed on, so it could be on of the other users who originated the issue.

Firefox, which is also installed on the same computer, doesn’t suffer from the issue.

I’m currently running an antivirus scan to see if there’s any malware installed.

Could you tell me how to solve this problem, please?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Bitdefender full scan didn’t detect anything so I contacted Bitdefender support. I was to told to reset Brave Settings. Afterwards I noticed in the subpage Appearance that New tabs were still set to open xnxx.com/best so I changed it back to https://www.google.fr. Is everything okay now? Bitdefender support told me to check with Brave support if resetting the Settings didn’t do a thing. According to them, if Bitdefender didn’t find anything, my system is safe.

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