Can Brave resolve ENS names from an Ethereum testnet?

I’d like to preview a deployment of my Dwebsite before updating the ENS record on the Ethereum mainnet. I’m always interested to hear alternatives, but I think using a testnet is the right way to do this. Can Brave be configured to resolve ENS names from testnets? I’ve poked around in the browser and IPFS companion settings without success.

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Hi I sent you a message. I have the same situtation and I am doing a simple extension for it , I can send you

I found a simpler solution: use relative URIs instead of absolute URIs for resource links on the site. With this change, resources load correctly and hyperlinks work as expected.

For my use case, I simply needed to preview the Dwebsite (published to IPFS) with stylesheets and images working properly. To do this I:

  1. Set my site generator (Hugo) to use a base URL of “/” so all hyperlinks started with “/”
  2. Regenerated all pages
  3. Added the entire website to IPFS with the command ipfs add -r <path_to_local_root>.

After that, I could visit{cid} to be redirected to my local IPFS node and preview the site with working links and resources.


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