IPFS / ENS in Brave

I am noticing when I hit my ens name (fhirfly.eth) over https in Brave, it will will direct me to
which is great! That’s how I set it up.

I also notice if I enter:
it will also bring me to
It throws out the path and the protocol.

I don’t think that’s usable/expected behavior. At a minimum, it should take me to:
. Don’t throw out the path in the request.

Ideally, it should continue to use my original protocol and path
https://fhirfly.eth/fhir/r4/Organization I realize this maybe hard because of ssl.
But if https://anyname.eth is just being rewritten as ipfss://anyname.eth, it might work, but also might give users a false sense of security, which it kind of already does.

Finally, Another ideal is
should also resolve. I think this is the best options as it doesn’t give the user a false sense of security

hey,do you solve the question?

:smiling_face_with_tear: gave his a try to see what it’s All about