Call from Google Phone does not work

Description of the issue:
Using the Call from Google Phone feature does not work. When either clicking on a tel: link or selecting a phone number and selecting “Call from Google Phone” from the context menu, and then clicking on “Google Phone,” an error dialog is displayed as “Couldn’t share number. Something went wrong. Try again later.”

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Find a phone number on a desktop web page
  2. If it’s a tel: link, simply click the number. If it’s just text, highlight the number and select the “Call from Google phone” option
  3. If multiple options to call are presented, select “Google Phone.”
  4. See error dialog.

Brave - Send # to Android phone

Expected result:
Selected phone number is passed to my phone’s dialer app.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Desktop Linux: 1.18.70
Android 11: 1.17.75

Additional Information:
The first time I tried this, a dialog said I must be logged into Brave on both sides. Since Brave does not have logins, this seems like an odd requirement.

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