Call button on Google Business listings not working

Description of the issue: When searching for a business via Google, the button to call (which previously opened the phone app directly) now does nothing. Other buttons such as directions and website still appear to be working normally. Wondering if perhaps Google has changed how that call button and has attached some tracking to it that wasn’t there previously.

Tested and working as expected on Chrome Android and Edge Android

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Search for a business using Google
  2. In the business listing ‘card’ that appears in the results, click/tap the call icon
  3. nothing will happen

Expected result: Should open/switch to the phone app and automatically populate the business’ phone number (previous behaviour)

Brave Version( check About Brave): Brave 1.16.70 Chromium 86.0.4240.111

Mobile Device details Pixel 3, Android 11

Additional Information:

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Can you try clearing the cache for and try again? I can’t reproduce on my end w/Samsung galaxy s9 – tapping Call brings me to my Phone app with the number already pasted.

Also, do you have any custom UI or theming [apps/settings] you’re using on your device?

Thanks for the quick reply. No luck though I’m afraid - cleared all cache, cookies and history from all time and I’m still seeing the same issue. In terms of custom UI, the only thing I can think of is I’m using the Microsoft Launcher as my default app launcher but like I say, other browsers are working.

Actually - I’ve just noticed it looks like Brave has lost all app connections. i.e. tapping on Directions is opening the Google Maps website, rather than the app. Same thing is happening with Facebook and Instagram links too - opening the website only. So I think the call button is a symptom of a broader issue (obviously with no website to go for the phone number link, it doesn’t know what to do).

Again, tested all these links in Chrome and they are opening in their respective apps.

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Thank you for confirming. Still looking into this – appreciate your patience.

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After digging deeper, it’s likely that the issue you’re encountering is directly related to the following issue:

Which is set to be fixed in the next browser update.

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@Mattches thanks for looking into it.

Upon reading through the posts there, it looks like you’re right - that’s exactly what I’m seeing too. Glad to see it’s being actively investigated.

Will keep an eye on that issue directly. Thanks for sharing.

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Happy to help – I’ll leave this thread open for now in case there are any additional developments.

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Pleased to say this appears to be working again in v1.16.76

All except Facebook links strangely. Tested the following and all working correctly - Phone app, Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter. Facebook is just opening in the browser - but this isn’t a big issue for me personally, so I’m not that bothered.

Thanks for your help @Mattches

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Issue has been resolved.