Builtin TTS (reading / text-to-speech) function on right-click context menu doesn't use default voice on macOS

When you select text on a web page and right click → “Speech” → click “Start Speaking” it reads the text in a voice other than what is selected in System Preferences.

For example, in macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina) I have “System Preferences” → “Accessibility” → “Speech” → “System Voice:” set to “Siri Male (United States)”.

Brave, for some strange reason, instead uses Alex to read instead of this voice.

Can we please get this bug resolved?

Thanks for reaching out.
So I think this may be a macOS issue rather than Brave. When I tested this, I was able to get the right voice sometimes and other times it would be incorrect (after changing the selection). I tested this in Chrome and Firefox as well and I’m getting the same behavior.

After a bit more digging it does appear to be an OS issue:


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