Bug with add to playlist on youtube

When I try to skim a video on youtube, it keeps prompting me to add the video to my playlist. I changed all of the settings re: playlist on brave and it didn’t correct the error. My last step is to sign out of youtube and i don’t want to do that bc i want relevant topics to pop on the main yt screen. I have to temporarily use safari just for yt and thats the last thing i want. Pls fix this :frowning:

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Thank you for reaching out to us.
So to confirm the behavior here, when trying to skip through/to a certain time in a YT video, you see the browser prompt you to add the video to Playlist, is that correct? Further, I suspect this happens when you tap and drag the playback bar rather than when you tap somewhere on it, is that also correct?

Lastly, going to Menu --> Settings --> Playlist --> Sho "Add to Brave Playlist" did not stop the prompt from appearing?

Can confirm, on iOS, all Playlist settings set to off, every time I pause, scrub forward, or scrub backward a video on Youtube, I get a popup. I’ve gotten multiple popups in one scrub.

Please let us turn this off, it’s driving me crazy. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to use the playbar as an add to playlist button but it’s not intuitive and the bar serves a function that is too competitive with what you are trying to make it do.

Yes when scrolling forward or back. It doesnt do it if you skip right through to a specific point, only when scrolling. It happens right through the yb site and through external links like a thumbnail

Solved in upcoming: