Annoying add to Playlist feature


I am ios user and the add to Playlist feature is drastically reducing my browsing experience. For a feature that only few people will use I have to :

  1. Instagram web, if I want to see a story longer, I need to press the image to stop the timer. Now brave prevents me to see the content by adding an overlay “add to Playlist”

  2. When scrolling down a feed of videos, which have auto play, I cannot scroll, brave will ask me to add to Playlist instead.

  3. When in a video, I want to move to a further moment, so I press and slide in the video timeline. Brave prevents me from doing it, and ask me if I want to add it into a Playlist.

That’s already a lot!
I have a suggestion, because your user base is what makes your company & product successful, why do you hate us so much?

I would recommend disabling that feature completely by default (even in incognito thank you), so the few people who want to use that feature will have it handy to enable.

Thank you for reading my message,

@Bonjour it happens only on ios? because a have never experienced something like that till this moment

i would be useful to share a link of the sites where this is happening