Bug: Wants to add to Brave playlist in YouTube

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Description of the issue:

In YouTube, when I’m “scrubbing” (dragging the little indicator to fast-forward through vid) I keep being asked “Add to Brave playlist?”

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to YouTube.com
  2. Play vid
  3. Grab and drag little red ball to fast-forward
  4. You’re interrupted with “Add to Brave playlist?”

Expected result:
Until this week, I fast-forwarded successfully through vids.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
iPad 10” (7th gen)

Additional Information:
I do this daily. It worked great until this week. Not even sure what the Brave playlist is, so no, I don’t wanna add to it.

(I watch tutorial videos and don’t need to see the whole things, but rather just the highlights, hence my dragging to fast-forward so often.)

Good luck, folks!


This is happening to me too and it’s driving me nuts. I’m using safari now and it’s the last thing I want to be doing :frowning:

Thank you for reporting – thank you as well @AmandaLee; I’ve responded to your post as well. What I believe is happening is the browser is detecting the “tap and drag” action as a “tap and hold” on the player (because technically it is) – which is one way to add a video to Playlist.

I’m forwarding this information to the team for review and see if we can get this fixed asap.

@AmandaLee @BinkyMelnik
After some digging this issue appears to have been reported and also received a fix, targeted for the iOS browser update to version 1.26x:

I’d just like to point out that the bug report details how dragging to 00:00 causes the bug (feature) to occur, but in my instance, I’m dragging forward, not backward, as I speed through vids trying to get past the parts I don’t need. In other words, any dragging causes the pop-up.

I hope that when the bug was addressed, it was fixed for forward dragging, too.

At any rate, I’m delighted to hear this has been addressed, and I look forward to being able to easily scrub without having to keep dismissing the “add…” dialog. Thanks for your help, @AmandaLee and @Mattches! I’m happy about this good news!

Yes I was sure to inform them that the direction in which one drags is not relevant – the fix put in place should take care of the issue entirely. Additionally, while misleading, the option to enable/disable the Add to playlist prompt in Settings --> Playlist refers to the popup that appears at the bottom of videos automatically – not the pop up that appears during a long press.

The devs realized this as well and have included an additional option in Settings that allows users to disable the long press prompt as well, should they desire.

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