Lost cookies after update

**Hello everyone! I updated my Brave browser (version 1.47.168, this patch was overdue and ‘yellow’ in the update button), and lost my cookies for everything that had been saved at the time of the update. This includes login information, site settings, and some minor other things like save files for some browser based games I was playing.

Is there something like brave.old in the same way windows creates windows.old when your OS gets updated, or would there be any other way to get those back?**

Due to the nature of my support request it’s quite hard to re-run an update, as my cookies are lost right now, even though I tried getting them back with Recuva. And though it could find some files that were lost on the date and time of the update, it did not restore the file structure, so that was practically useless to me.

Actual results are the loss of cookies and site information.

Expected result is to hopefully get my cookies back

Reproduction is nonexistent, as updates are once in a while

Brave 1.47.168 post update, unknown which version pre-update, currently on Feature update to Windows 10, version 21H2

Nothing that I can think of at the moment, if I need to provide anything please let me know.

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Hello there @Giftedbryan please accept my apologies for this inconvenience. Did you have any other profiles on your Brave account before you updated it?

You can check your profiles by going to Main MenuCreate a new profileGo BackSelect any available profile.

Be waiting for your response.

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