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So i have been using brave for quite a while, and whenever i click on the inbuilt weather app on my ipad, it will take me to the weather site. However, it won’t show as blocking any ads and trackers until i change the shield setting and then change it back to normal again. I have attached 2 screenshots below for convenience. Also, whenever i open whatsapp web on brave browser, i cannot upload pdf’s in any other app. When i click on share, it will only show a .txt file which has nothing in it. Also if i click on print option, it will show :blob: and the date inside the file which i do not want. Why can’t brave be as good as safari, where you just have to click upload file and then you get an option to upload as pdf directly? Mind you, this issue happens only with WhatsApp web site and not other sites.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Click on the weather widget and set brave as default broser.
    2.check the ads blocked.
    3.open any pdf file in WhatsApp web

Expected result:
Brave should be able to upload pdfs from WhatsApp web directly as it is, like safari does. Other apps do not let me open WhatsApp web on my device (like chrome) so i have only 2 options, and i want brave to do everything. Also as for the weather bug, i want it to block all trackers and ads whenever i open it in whatever way. It should’t matter as long as the site is opening in brave browser.
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.34.1 (

Mobile Device details
Ipad 6th gen with iPadOS 15.3

Also i would like to mention that i’m not tech savvy at all, so please mention that a normal guy could understand.

Changing Shields may break some sites, “Block scripts” will often cause issues, Try just blocking Cross-Site Trackers only. @Yash0

Well usually i don’t block scripts, but out of all 4 options available, only turning on block scripts seemed to display the number of trackers and ads blocked. This issue is pretty recent as a couple of weeks ago when i used to open this site, about 13-14 trackers were blocked automatically. @fanboynz

I would test clearing various settings in Brave Shields & Privacy. Limit shields too just Cross-site Trackers for the time being. (The force closing Brave).

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Yep, clearing settings and then turning them on again seemed to do the trick for the weather site. Any suggestions for WhatsApp web? @fanboynz

I don’t have a whatsapp account, what issue are you having?

Is it similar too Whatsapp Web not compatible with Brave ?

Um no, whatsapp web works perfectly fine in brave, but the problem comes whenever someone sends me a pdf. I am a student so my parents are hesitant to buy me phone which works fine (mine is 5-7 yrs old lol), so as a reason i have to use WhatsApp web feature. And because i am a student, i get a lot of tests and worksheets as pdfs. Thing is i can open pdfs fine, but i have to save them in my drive for easier access so i have to upload them there. However, there is no other way of uploading the pdfs other than choosing print option, but in that case, as i have shown in the screenshot, it adds an additional “blob:” and the date and time at which i have opened the pdf, which i don’t want. Safari however can directly upload pdfs with no issue to anyplace you want. @fanboynz @Mattches maybe you can help?

What happens when you try? Brave shouldn’t differ from Chrome regarding pdf’s

Yeah no on chrome it’s insanely hard to get it to request desktop site…i have to click 5-6 times request desktop site on chrome to open WhatsApp web there. As a result, i have only opened WhatsApp web in safari and brave, where you can request desktop sites easily. In short, i have no idea about chrome. @fanboynz

This is what happens when you try to upload a pdf file( only from WhatsApp web, the other sites can upload pdf’s easily, i don’t know why).

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Check Firefox on IOS see if its replicable (since we’re orginally based on this). Would also check Chrome also, just to avoid “Its Brave’s fault” when the same issue occurs with other browsers.

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