BUG Never Fixed - Save Password Default Toggle UNACCESSIBLE (Can't Turn Off--Keeps asking Save Password)

There is NO LONGER a VIEWABLE Toggle on Brave to toggle ON/OFF if you want your passwords saved or not. I do NOT want my passwords saved and do NOT want to be asked EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s past the point of annoying, to where I may just go back to Firefox. Other people have posted on this same problem but it seems the bug has never been addressed.

Before posting “solutions” PLEASE READ:
-Latest Vers of Brave: Version 1.59.117 Chromium 118.0.5993.70
-Uninstalling and Re-installing doesn’t fix.
-New lean Win11 desktop (no bloatware, clean Win11 install from MS) with only a few programs; nothing that would interfere with Brave.
-Posts with “solutions” when other people have had the same problem DO NOT WORK.

For instance, one “solution” said:
“Go to brave://settings/passwords and disable ‘offer to save passwords’ .”
Because one can NO LONGER ACCESS “brave://settings/passwords”
Anytime “brave://settings/passwords” is typed and ENTER pressed, Brave (on its own) changes it to simply “brave://settings” – and it only shows the main setting pages. So NO “Save Password” toggle there.
From the main settings page, if I click on “AUTOFILL AND PASSWORDS” then the URL line shows “brave://settings/autofill” – and the ONLY CHOICES ON THAT PAGE TO CHOOSE FROM are: (1) Password Manager, (2) Payment Methods, (3) Addresses & More, (4) Autofill in Private Windows toggle. THAT’S IT.
If I click on Password Manager, the the ONLY THING that pops up is a line that says “saved passwords will appear here.”

Other (false) “solutions” for other people are if it’s zoomed in too much (it isn’t, I tried zooming out, of course no difference), etc.


Will this ever get fixed – or even simply ACKNOWLEDGED by Brave’s staff?

I have no problems with Firefox or Edge. But Brave keeps asking EVERY SINGLE TIME whether to save the passwords or not, and it’s annoying.

There is NO WAY TO ACCESS THE PAGE where the supposed toggle is located. This is a BUG in Brave. Can someone at least please acknowledge it?

Older version. But if you cared to actually look at stuff, you’d see password manager has its own settings.

So when you’re at password manager, do you see the left? (Password manager is brave://password-manager/passwords)

Click on settings on that, it takes you to the settings portion ofPassword Manager, which is brave://password-manager/settings

From there, they have a lot of little options included.

THANK YOU!! Thank you! That did it.
(I DID try to look around Password Manager for options as well, but on my system there’s no “settings” word visible once in password manager – it only becomes visible once you hit the hamburger on the LEFT, which I honestly didn’t notice because I had tried the “main” hamburger (upper right) so many times with no luck in getting to that sub-menu. So it’s pretty well hidden and yes, it must have been older versions for the previous solutions.

But that did the trick. THANK YOU!!
It was so annoying I was honestly getting ready to give up on brave for the desktop (use it on my android all the time) but that did it. Thanks again.

Ah, you must have a small screen or not be using the browser maximized.

Anyway, glad to hear I was able to help guide you there. Everything good now?

Right, I only have it fill the center of the screen not the entire screen.
Yes, everything good. Thanks again.

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