Autofill Passwords on untrusted sites

The browser does not offer to save a password when logging into an untrusted site.

The same issue as discussed on Chrome:

Do you plan to remove this restriction on the Brave Browser? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for an answer.

(Version 1.29.81 Chromium: 93.0.4577.82 (Official Build) (64-bit))

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If this is fixed in Chrome, it’ll also be fixed here also.


Can’t you fix it independently from Chrome? Because they’ll newer fix it obviously.

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We won’t override google here, if there security/privacy reasons why it’s not yet implemented or “fixed”. We wouldn’t just ignore this.

As discussed in the mentioned thread, there are no security/privacy reasons. The only reason is that it is a low priority for them and that Google doesn’t care about users.
It would be very much appreciated by many users and one more big reason to switch to the Brave if you’d fix this extremely annoying issue.

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