Browser will not open a window remains on task bar windows 10

Issue: when clicking on browser to attempt to open a new window in windows 10, suddenly it no longer opens to display.

Yes, it still opens but remains at task bar, user unable to see the window or new windows.

From researching previous closed questions, the previous suggestion was to close the brave browser. Then Microsoft key + R to open run dialog box and to enter the command to reposition the screen. I attempted that, did not solve the issue.

However, someone mentioned a comment about a possible cause, which was when using am external monitor things can get misaligned.

My setup: using a laptop with HDMI cable that runs directly to the 55" TV, as external monitor.

So i immediately went to settings on the laptop windows settings, display. And decided to change configuration display from EXTEND display, to SHOW ON ONLY 2.

SINCE 2 is the TV , and i don’t use the laptop as a secondary screen anyway. So either will work. After changing to SHOW ON ONLY 2, and ensuring that 2 had the check mark 'use this as my main manitor- after hitting apply-

This solved the issue .

Side question: why do those who administrate questions on forums close the question when there isn’t sufficient answers, solutions, or if users want to continue to contribute? Absoutely makes no sense what so ever. It causes duplicate topics of the same.issue to be created, which creates more of a mess.

Hope this helps.

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