Brave stuck on task bar again!

Starting brave from task bar or from windows10 64 bit, the browser sits on the task bar. Each click duplicates it’s self, and nothing else. Checking the task bar, you see every time to re-clicked!

I fixed this before by using a CMD command. yes i should have written that code down. One would think the issue would have been repaired!

Dont bother telling me to unplug my computer and toss the TV remote into the dryer until the turkey is an 112 degrees, and all of that bullspit!

Done it all. thanks!

Or I will just go back to firefox. It’s not amusing!

Hello @BarbershopnDan, sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue, you can try to force the task manager by pressing crtl +alt +delete with this combination pressed at the same time.

Once you see the task manager window you will see all the applications open so you need to choose the one you want to terminate. then you need to open Brave again. Let us know if the issue persists. Regards.

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