Browser removing the scrollbar sometimes on webpages


i have used Brave Browser for desktop since one year. At last time i have had sometimes the problem that the Browser removes automaticly the css-property overflow. So i can’t use the websites because the scroll is away… Than i need to add this css-property in the webdevelopertools everytime to use the website.

I can’ t tell you how to reproduce it. On some webpages it have got removed automaticly.
I expect that the overflow will not be removed so i can use the webpages.

My operating System is Windows 10 and the Brave Version is Version 1.37.113.

Can you please share a website in which this issue is known to occur?

For example on this website

Also i have noticed, that the Cookie Banner don’t get shown on every website. This is also new.

Not entirely sure what’s going on in the screenshot you shared — I can’t really see anything? On my end, I’m able to visit the site above and browse it normally without any issues. Tested on both macOS and Win10 systems.

Thanks for your reply.

The gray scrollbar is missing on the screenshot.

Okay. Than the problem might be on my browser settings? Or why it is so?

Can you please try creating a test profile and checking to see if you get the same results there?

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