Vertical scroll bar suddenly missing from all sites

By “suddenly”, I mean starting a couple of weeks ago, so it could have been introduced by an update. But I wasn’t seeing anybody else posting about this problem, so I presumed that I had accidentally changed some setting. However, I couldn’t find any pertinent setting.

And then, on another machine, with a brand new (i.e. first ever) installation of the Brave browser (1.50.114) I’m getting the same result: no scroll bar.


On a third machine, with the same version as the first one (1.49.132), the scroll bar is present! :astonished:

So… it must be a setting, right? Where is it?

BTW: These kinds of desktop issues are usually not OS-specific, so I wasn’t going to tag it as “Linux”, but a tag is mandatory. :roll_eyes:

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